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Scheduled Monument

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Urquhart CastleReference: SM90309

Status: Designated


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  • Category: N/A
  • Date Added: 30/11/1981
  • Last Date Amended: 09/09/1997
  • Type: Prehistoric domestic and defensive: dun, Secular: castle


  • Local Authority: Highland
  • Parish: Urquhart And Glenmoriston

National Grid Reference

  • NGRNH 530 286
  • Coordinates253000, 828600


This monument comprises the remains of a complex Medieval castle on a promontory on the shore of Loch Ness.

The N end of the castle is marked by a 16th-century tower which, although lacking much of its S side still rises to its full height. Other buildings in the castle are not as well preserved as this. They include the great hall and kitchens, a chapel, gatehouse, smithy, dovecot and other buildings of unidentified purpose. Excavation at the S end of the castle has shown the presence of a defensive structure dating from the first millenium AD. The landward side of the castle is protected by a ditch formerly crossed by a drawbidge. At the N end of this ditch is a large kiln. The presence of the kiln next to a large, open, gently sloping area suggests that there was a small settlement beyond the walls of the castle.

The area to be scheduled includes the entire peninsula and an area of the loch running 10m out from the shore. On the landward side the N boundary of the area is defined by a line which runs 30m inland along the fence which starts at the shore approximately 170m NW of the tower house in the castle. The boundary line then runs due S for approximately 300m where it meets another fence line and runs E back to the shore. Excluded from this are those parts of the modern toilet buildings, sited in the ditch, which are above the present ground level. The area is irregular in shape measuring roughly 300m N-S by 170m and is marked in red on the accompanying map.


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Scheduled Monuments

We compile, maintain and publish a Schedule (a list) of monuments of national importance under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979. Scheduling is the process of adding monuments to this list and affording them statutory protection. The aim of scheduling is to preserve sites and monuments as far as possible in the form in which they have come down to us today. Once a monument is scheduled, the prior written consent of ourselves is required for most works including repairs.

The information provided gives an indication of the cultural significance of a scheduled monument. The information is current to the date of designation or when last amended. This record is not intended to be a definitive account or a complete description of the monument(s) and the format of records has changed over time. Earlier, un-amended records will usually be brief and some information will not have been recorded.

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